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Frequently Asked Questions

Soft perfumes are those that have a much lighter scent than others. If you have oily skin, we recommend using lighter fragrances. You know best what scents you like and your skin. For this reason, you should first decide on your skin type and then what kind of scents you like. If you want to try it, you should definitely try the amelie product, which is on sale right now. You can also browse our products in other categories if you wish. We would love to be in your life with our products in the world of unique fragrances.

Soft-based perfumes are fresher perfumes. They do not contain the spices, woods or various intense fragrances found in other perfumes. They have more refreshing lightweight structures. Fragrances found in soft perfumes are: papaya, neroli, amarillys, calendula, lotus, musk, cashmeran. It is the ingredients in the perfume that make soft perfumes soft. It is possible to examine the fragrance family, ingredients and prices of the products on the site. If you want to have a soft perfume, you can check our website.

Soft perfumes are scents that are much lighter than many other scents. People with sensitive skin prefer it more with a mild fragrance. For example, a very heavy perfume can cause discomfort in people with sensitive skin. At the same time, those with sensitive noses should prefer soft perfumes or they may face serious health problems. Asthma patients generally prefer soft scents because very intense scents can cause them to have shortness of breath.

Whether you're a fan of scents or have no knowledge of scents, finding a scent you love can be a daunting experience. When you approach a fragrance counter, the only information you can gather about any of the scents in front of you is what the bottle looks like, and of course the bottle doesn't tell you anything. You yourself know best what scent is best for you. Each person burns your own skin best. First, get to know your own skin. Then test a few different scents on your skin from time to time. The scent that is most compatible with your skin is the right one for you. If you wish, you can also choose your favorite scent since you were little. For example, when you smell any scent, if that kou takes you to different memories and makes you happy, that scent is the most ideal scent for you.

Our soft scented products are on sale for you. There are different types of soft perfumes. You can find our current products on our website by clicking below. In addition, if you wish, it is possible to examine the product content, fragrance family and price of the product. See you soon with new products! - Floral Notes - Warm Spices

Our prices may vary according to the content of perfume types. Our soft-scented perfume prices are around 500 AED on average. You can examine the prices of perfumes on the site according to a perfume you want or love.

There are %20 essence, %80 alcohol in one bottle of La Vie perfumes.

La Vie offers a huge variety of perfumes and fragrances with different notes. La Vie is a global brand with stores in Dubai and Azerbaijan. All perfumes are original and authentic. They are all licensed and tested. La Vie takes care of their customers’ health.

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