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While it's more common to come across a fake perfume while exploring flea market booths, most consumers are unaware that sophisticated knock-offs are also making their way into the shelves of high-end fragrance stores. Purchasing counterfeit perfume can leave you feeling duped and unhappy, as well as being dangerous to your health. There are, nevertheless, a few telltale characteristics that will help you recognize even the most sophisticated forgeries.

Know the seller Going to a reliable supplier will help you avoid most counterfeit perfume purchases. Perfume comes in a variety of forms, and it's crucial to know the advantages and drawbacks of each. promises to sell only original and authentic perfumes. 1- Check the wrapping 2- Flawless seams (Check the seams) 3- Paperboard 4- Labels and inscriptions 5- Design 6- Color of the perfume 7- Bottle Caps 8- Serial number

Perfumes are quite personal. Your perfume becomes a hallmark, a component of how people see you, therefore you'll definitely want to get a scent that matches your preferences and personality. Many people overlook one factor when selecting the proper perfume: if the aroma is appropriate for their skin type. Your body chemistry, heat, oils, and even germs on your skin all have a role in how scent diffuses from you. It also has an impact on the length of time a perfume lasts on you, as well as the exact notes that the smell emits. - For oily skin: The hydration of your skin is a good indicator of how oily your body’s skin is. Does it scream for moisturizer all the time? If it doesn't, it's a solid indication that your skin is oily. - For dry skin For those with dry or dehydrated skin, stronger fragrances are ideal. Musky, woody aromas, as well as those with stronger floral and aromatic components, are ideal since their intensity helps the perfume to last longer on the skin. Because oils stimulate a stronger reaction between the molecules in the fragrance and the composition of your skin, perfumes will remain longer on you and everything you spray will smell considerably more intensely. Light floral or citrus scents are best for oily skin because they are less likely to leave you smelling overly intense after application. If you prefer heavier, muskier scents, keep your application to a bare minimum. A small amount will go a long way.

The most correct way to use perfume is to spray perfume on the parts of your body that hold the scent best. These parts can be your wrists, the back of your neck, and the back of your ears. Also, if you get into the perfume you spray in the air, all your points will be covered with perfume, and you will be with the same smell all day.

Some may begin to expire in less than a year, and some may last more than 10 years. In general, the average shelf life of a fragrance is three to five years. According to experts, perfumes with heavier base notes are in the family of perfumes that last the longest.

There are eight main groups - Chypre, citrus, aromatic, floral, amber, leather, woody, fruity. These four main groups are subdivided to cover the range of characters within each major family. These distributions clearly show how one family mingles with another as the composition of a perfume changes.

Authentic perfume prices may vary according to various scents. The content, density or permanence of the fragrances are effective in the price difference. Our average authentic perfume prices are around $500 AED.

There are %20 essence, %80 alcohol in one bottle of La Vie perfumes.

La Vie offers a huge variety of perfumes and fragrances with different notes. La Vie is a global brand with stores in Dubai and Azerbaijan. All perfumes are original and authentic. They are all licensed and tested. La Vie takes care of their customers’ health.

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