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Although the smell of playful may seem like a smell that is not known by everyone at first hearing, it is actually known by many people. In fact, entertainment scents are exactly what they take you to festivals, amusement parks or whatever comes to mind when you smell them. Nathalie, one of the entertainment fragrances, is currently on sale on our website. Keep reading the frequently asked questions to know much more about playful fragrances.

If you're unsure about a scent, test a tiny bit on the inside of your wrist. When you go to sample perfume, bring a light object with you, such as a scarf. Because the scent of perfume on your skin and on your clothes differs, it's crucial to get the scent into this item as well. Wait at least three minutes after spraying the perfume for it to infiltrate your skin during the perfume testing phase. Because the scent of the perfume that combines with your skin is quite essential. You can wait even longer if you have the time. You and your possessions must be well-absorbent of the odor. Purchasing a perfume only because it is fashionable is inconvenient. Remember that everyone's skin smells differently, and even the same perfume smells differently on various people's skin. The objective here isn't to pick the most popular smell, but to pick the scent that best matches you. Perfumes reflect odor differently depending on the person's age, location, skin color, eating habits, usage of alcohol and cigarettes, and spice use. Because all of these characteristics have an impact on people's sweating rates and hormone balances. As a result, the same scents might smell differently in different persons. Not all fragrances are suitable for everyone. Spice tones are more ideal for dark complexion, whereas floral tones are more suitable for white skin. In your 20s, flowery smells are easy to carry, but in your 40s, sweet scents are preferred. Different smells can also be used at different times of the year. In the summer, mild flower aromas are preferred, while in the winter, lasting and powerful eau de parfum spice scents are preferred.

Our nathalie playful perfume that we have now includes: caramel, musk, vanilla, benzoin notes. Nathalie is in the Amber Vanilla family.

The average price of our leisure perfumes is AED 500. If you wish, you can come to our stores and test it, or you can review and purchase the product content on our website.

LaVie is a multinational brand that offers a diverse range of EDP scents. We have a wide variety of notes to meet everyone's needs. Our store also has a large selection of unisex fragrances. We follow all international health rules, which is one of the most essential reasons to pick La Vie. Our entire line of products is certified. Please do not make the mistake of purchasing low-cost, low-quality perfumes that are harmful to your health.

Both Dubai and Baku have numerous large shopping complexes where you can find practically anything. In these malls, La Vie has boutiques where you can experiment on perfumes on your skin or on test paper. You can do your research and make your buy without going online. One of the main reasons to choose La Vie is because of this. We understand how tough it is to order an EDP based solely on a product photo found online. As a result, we have stores in a variety of malls where you may try on our scents.

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