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The leather fragrance family is a little out of the way due to the rarity of these aromas. They have an unusual scent that is reminiscent of leather. Smoky, sticky, burned, and even tobacco tones can all be found in these notes. Perfumers in Grasse used to brew and tan leather scraps with dried birch bark. If you want to have these scents, we recommend you to review the products on our page. Read on for other questions you may have about leather fragrances.

As with any fragrance, there are some elements that you should know before choosing leather fragrances. They are as follows: 1- Let it reflect you: Whatever the leather scent you choose, it is very important that it reflects you. When you smell that scent, it should take you to old memories or visualize beauty in your eyes. 2- According to the Season: Although there are smells that can almost resemble the leather fragrance family, they can also vary within themselves. Therefore, when choosing from this family, you may prefer lighter scents in summer, while you may choose slightly more intense scents in winter. Thus, your perfume will not lose its effect in harsh weather conditions such as wind, snow or rain in winter. 3- Your Skin Type and Age: Every scent can be perceived very differently by many people. The scent you choose may differ depending on whether your skin is dry, combination or oily. Likewise, the scent on an aged complexion may smell different than on a younger complexion. Therefore, do not forget to prioritize your skin and age in order to make the right choice. 4- Obtaining a Better Fragrance: The most basic way to obtain a better scent is a clean skin. Since the pores on the skin are opened and absorb the odor better; The perfume you apply to your clean skin after the bath will smell better and will be more permanent. Also, if you want your perfume to stay with you longer, we recommend that you apply a thin moisturizer to your skin before applying perfume.

Currently, our quennel perfume is on sale on our website. The perfume notes in it are: ambergris, tuberose, salt, monoi oil, leather, pin, labdanum, cashmeran. If you wish, you can review and purchase the product on our website.

Our leather fragrances can be made separately for gentlemen and ladies as well as unisex. Depending on what kind of fragrance you want to choose, you can choose from our website or from my store.

The prices of our leather perfumes are around 500 AED on average.

LaVie is a global brand with a huge collection of different EDP perfumes. We have a lot of different notes which match anyone's requirements. We have also a huge collection of unisex fragrances at our store. One of the most important reasons to choose La Vie is that we are obeying all international health regulations. All our products are certified. Please don’t make the mistake of buying cheap and low-quality perfumes that will harm your health.

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