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FAMILY OF CITRUS FRAGRANCES When in doubt, learning about scent families or 'parent groups' is the easiest method to traverse the many varieties of fragrances. These are perfume groups that have something in common with the sort of raw ingredients used to generate a key fragrance feature. Floral, Woody, Oriental, Fougere, Chypre, Gourmand, Fruity, and Citrus are the scent families covered in this guide. Citrus perfumes are known for their zesty, fresh tones, which are ideal for the spring and summer months or warmer, sunnier regions. Citrus fruits like clementine, grapefruit, and lemons, as well as zesty raw ingredients like lemongrass, verbena, and bergamot, are frequently found in this category. They have a pleasant and effervescent top note that tickles the nose and gives the wearer an aura of optimism and effortless elegance. When citrus notes are combined with fragrances from different fragrance families, the perfume's dynamic nature and character change, resulting in sub families.' It becomes a lot easier to navigate towards your next great perfume once you comprehend the complexities of perfume families.

Permanence of the perfume varies depending on the perfume notes, usage patterns, and the standards used in its creation. Spraying more perfume than is required does not make the scent persistent, and it might be offensive to those around you. The following suggestions provide a solution to the issue of how the scent will last: Perfume should only be applied to clean skin. Apply the scent to the neck, nape, inside of the elbow, wrist, and behind the ear, or anywhere else where the pulse may be felt. The scent is beautiful because of the waist, back, and cleavage. The scent should be applied on the waist, back, and décolleté. Moisturizing products provide a surface on which the scent may adhere. Before applying perfume, apply Vaseline. Dry skin has a lower level of permanence. If your skin is dry, reapply the perfume every three hours. Keep the perfume in the refrigerator and seal the lid after use to ensure that the alcohol and chemicals in the perfume remain longer and the essence lasts longer. Spray the comb with scent before combing your hair. After applying perfume on your wrists, do not rub them together. Thousands of sites accepting Pay with iyzico are waiting for you if you want to do your perfume buying online swiftly and safely. You may quickly buy the perfume you desire by clicking on the iyzico logo on e-commerce sites for a better buying experience.

Citrus fragrances belong to the fragrance family and have a vibrant and pleasant aroma, making them a must-have for every collection. Warm weather, like the one we've been having here at PH, necessitates colorful and skin-cooling scents like this one to leave you feeling refreshed, and this lovely fragrance family will keep your energy levels up all day. Citrus scents may be used whenever you wish throughout the day. You may use a citrus aroma at any time of day or night.

ORIENTAL CITRUS Citrus Oriental is an opulent fragrance family for the user who desires a zingy and invigorating aroma tempered with a warmer and spicier foundation of rich and oriental elements, such as amber or balsamic notes. The lovely balance of bright and zesty citrus is met with warmth and spice in a symphony of oriental notes, for example, producing a rich cocktail that enlivens but calms the senses. WOODY CITRUS Citrus Woody aromas, like the all-time citrusy fragrance favorite, provide an unusual but refreshing mix. Petitgrain, a citrusy yet woody top note derived from the peel, fruit, and bark of the bitter orange tree, is combined with crushed citrus fruits, peach, and aromatically enlivening lavender to balance the fruitiness and acidity of the citrus. FLORAL CITRUS The most popular, a lovely Citrus Floral. A fragrant and zesty Bergamot top note, distilled from a hundred Bergamot Oranges, sets the tone for a beautiful balance of complementing notes. This lovely scent opens with cascades of sunlight flowing over a sweet elixir of pineapple and blueberry. Only a few of these scents can contain many citrus-like scents.

The average price of our citrus fragrances is AED 500. If you wish, you can purchase our perfumes by viewing the content of our products on the website or by visiting our stores.

Both Dubai and Baku have several large shopping complexes where you can find practically anything. In these malls, La Vie has stores where you may experiment on perfumes on your skin or on test paper. You can do your research and make your purchase without going online. One of the main reasons to choose La Vie is because of this. We realize how tough it is to order an EDP based just on a product photo found online. As a result, we have stores in a variety of malls where you may try on our scents.

LaVie is a global fragrance house that creates a wide variety of EDP perfumes. We have a broad variety of notes to meet everyone's needs. Our store also has a large selection of unisex perfumes. We follow all international health rules, which is one of the most essential reasons to pick La Vie. Our whole product range has been certified. Please don't get caught up in the trap of buying low-cost, low-quality fragrances that are potentially harmful to your health.

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